Thank you for visiting. My name is David Wojcik, the owner of Weegee Hair Studio, a leading Ann Arbor hair salon. As the creator of one of the most respected brands in hairdressing in the greater Ann Arbor area, I take great pride in my craft and strive to offer each client an unsurpassed level of personalized, expert service. Client satisfaction is the paramount objective; the focus is always on you.


A hairdresser is only as good as their last haircut. Throughout my entire career, I’ve always placed special emphasis on staying highly informed of the latest developments in the science of color and the ever-evolving trends not only in hairstyling but in fashion, design and popular culture. As an owner-stylist, I’ve built a devoted following in Ann Arbor, with many clients, who at some point moved to the coasts, still calling Weegee Hair Studio for an appointment when they are back in town. In my early days as a hairdresser, I honed my skills at a number of premier salons, including Vidal Sassoon of London; La Coupe of Montreal; Allen Edwards of Beverly Hills; and Toni & Guy of London. What I do is not just my craft, it’s a passion, an accomplished career, and a cherished opportunity to bring more beauty to the everyday world.


What sets Weegee Hair Studio apart is meticulous attention to detail. I listen to the client and engage you in the creative process to achieve an inspiring look that suits your personality and lifestyle. In hairdressing, creativity and technical accuracy is not enough. A client expects quality, consistency, and personal attention. Creativity alone could sometimes just reflect a hairdresser’s whim. This could be disappointing for the client if a unique and original style, no matter how well done, doesn’t suit them. A hairdresser’s vision has to embrace the client’s bone structure, style, concerns, and desires – this approach is essential to creating a great hairstyle.

Hair Salon

My vision, was to establish a hair salon in Ann Arbor where clients could escape from their daily routine and enjoy an environment that creates a sense of relaxed, understated luxury. It was essential to foster an atmosphere that is visually pleasing for the client while at the same time stimulating and productive for the hairdresser. In combining contemporary finishes with period style and modern furnishings, including a subtle nod to mid-century aesthetics, the salon’s design exudes timeless elegance presented in a thoroughly modern way.